Things I’m Loving Friday #319

Hey friends! How are things going for you right now? As of 8 a.m. yesterday, those of us in Mecklenburg County have been instructed to stay at home with the exception of leaving for essential needs through April 16. We’ve been doing this for two weeks so it isn’t a huge change for us and I’m glad to see important decisions being made to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. I know this is all hard and isolating but I hope and pray measures like this make a big difference and truly believe they can as long as they’re taken seriously by everyone.

Our plans for the weekend look a lot like last weekend. We’re hoping to keep our family entertained at home and spend as much time as possible outside. It’s not lost on me how fortunate we are to be home bound during a beautiful time of year in Charlotte. Getting outside for several hours every day is saving our sanity right now! I’m beginning to wonder if, when all of this is over, there will be any worms left in our yard after Chase has ransacked every square inch of it looking for his favorite squirmy friends.

After a brief hiatus last week I am back today with my usual roundup of Friday favorites. These posts always help me take time to focus on little things bringing me happiness every week and I hope they do the same for you. I’d love to hear about something making you smile in the comments section!

Things I’m Loving Friday 

  • Bird Nest

I know I’ve mentioned our boys’ love for birds before and the fact that we recently purchased another bird feeder for our front yard but I have some bird-related news to share that absolutely made Chase’s day. We officially have our first bird nest! Last weekend, we found a little nest on top of the wreath on our front door and when we lifted Chase up to peek inside, he was so excited to tell us there were three eggs nestled in the nest! We try to give the mama bird plenty of space but when we notice she’s not there, we check on the eggs when we can and it’s been such a fun little surprise in the midst of spending a lot of time at home with our bird friends.

If the news has you feeling down you need an upbeat, hilarious and often heartwarming account to follow on Instagram, check out @Upworthy. A friend shared this one with me this week and it’s been such a little ray of sunshine in my IG feed. I love the videos of people showing kindness during this crazy time and the funny videos also provide a much-needed laugh right now. It’s definitely worth a follow!

This is a book recommendation that is going to come along with a slew of caveats. I typically gravitate toward fiction but really enjoy reading the occasional memoir or autobiography. (Some memoirs I’ve really enjoyed include Educated by Tara Westover and Open Book by Jessica Simpson and I loved Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open.) I cannot remember the last time I read a biography so when I talk about the biography I recently read about Kick Kennedy, some of my feelings may relate to how I might feel about biographies in general, but I just haven’t read enough to know for sure.

Kick: The True Story of JFK’s Sister and the Heir to Chatsworth popped up as a recommended read for me through Amazon and I was instantly intrigued because I had never heard of JFK’s younger sister and her life seemed very interesting. When I initially began reading the book, it feel so factual and straightforward and almost like the text you’d read in a school book. It took me a moment to adjust to the writing style in this biography but once I did, I was incredibly interested in Kick’s story and the Kennedy family. I admittedly don’t know a ton about the Kennedys beyond JFK as a former president and the fact that tragedy and scandal seemed to follow them around. As I read more about Kick, it was impossible not to like her and root for her and though her story ends tragically, I found her short life fascinating.

  • Homemade Bird Feeders to Deliver to Assisted Living Facilities

Earlier this week, my friend Jess reached out with the idea to make bird feeders to deliver to an assisted living facility in the area. There are so many layers to the COVID-19 pandemic and I feel so deeply for those who are not able to be with friends or family during such an isolating time. I thought Jess’ idea to make bird feeders to bring to a local assisted living facility was such a simple way to spread a little joy, especially since I know how much our family loves watching different kinds of birds stop by our bird feeders for a little snack. The boys and I collected pine cones from our front yard, tied a string around them and covered them in peanut butter and bird seed before wrapping them up and attaching an encouraging note + scripture.

  • Jack Ryan

I mentioned this show in my blog posts earlier this week but now that Ryan and I have made our way through the first season I felt like it deserves a spot in today’s roundup of favorites as well. This show came highly recommended to me by some of my friends from college and when they said it was something that many of their husbands and boyfriends also enjoyed, my interest was piqued since it had been way too long since Ryan and I found a show we were both equally psyched to watch. (I think House of Cards was the last one?) We were hooked after the first episode and every single episode of the first season was packed with action, suspense, twists and mystery. It was a great show to watch together since we would share our predictions and theories and I am already excited to begin season two!

  • Around the Internet

Food: Healthy Tuna Salad (I made this for lunch this week and it was great!) / Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread / The Best Banana CakeVeggie-Packed Sheet Pan Breakfast

Fitness: Quick Mini Band WorkoutAt Home Workouts

Weekend Sales: Up to 40% off Nordstrom best sellers: KIDS: These Fluffy Chick +  Easter Bunny Baskets are all kinds of adorable / Love this pastel tie-dye windbreaker for little girls / VANS High-Top Sneakers / Tucker + Tate Rain Boots FOR HER: 5 Pack Assorted Scrunchies (love the color combinations) Zella Live-In High Waist Leggings (I’ve had these for years and the quality is great) / Spray Dye Sweatshirt (great for cozy days at home right now)

  • Friday Flashbacks

10 At Home and Travel Workouts (This roundup is filled with bodyweight-only workouts that do not require any equipment. Perfect if you’re looking to work out at home right now but don’t have access to a ton of weights, bands, etc.)

Healthy Meals to Make for Others (Just in case you’re looking to deliver a meal — in a social distancing-friendly way — to someone struggling right now!)

Healthy Meals to Make for Others

Question of the Day 

What is one thing making you smile this week? 

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