Things I’m Loving Friday #289

Hello from the sky! I am typing up the beginning of this blog post on Thursday night from the plane as I head back to Charlotte. I spent the past 24 hours in New York City for an Instagram collaboration and it was a whirlwind trip to say the least! I managed to squeeze in a late-night dinner with two of my closest friends from college, connected with a long-time blog friend for the first time ever and took a nice long walk around Central Park in the morning. But more on that below!

For now, I am ready to get the weekend rollin’! Ryan and I are taking the boys and Sadie off to Golden Valley, North Carolina this evening and I’m really looking forward to hiking, swimming and spending lots of time outdoors. I’ll absolutely recap the fun on the blog next week but first I wanted to share my weekly roundup of favorites with you guys.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday 

  • Dinner with College BFFs

(Top: Free People / Skirt: Romeo & Juliet Couture via RueLaLa — but both of these items are a few years old!) 

The minute I finalized my NYC travel plans, I reached out to Merri and Cherayne with my fingers triple crossed they’d both be in town during my 24-hour visit. Thankfully they were and we met up for a late-night dinner which was wonderful! We chatted over seafood and drinks and I loved our time together as always. It wasn’t nearly long enough but we’re hoping for a November trip with our whole crew of college girlfriends this fall!

I included this hybrid backpack/duffel bag in my Father’s Day gift guide this year because I initially got it for Ryan since he makes it his mission in life to never check a bag when we travel. I also prefer to carry on but I find myself getting frustrated when more often than not I’m required to check my carry on at the gate because of a lack of overhead bin space. Since my trip to NYC was so short, I opted to pack everything I needed in this backpack which can fit under the seat in front of me and it was awesome!! It can also be used as a duffel bag (it comes with a strap you can hook onto the sides and the backpack straps can easily be tucked away) and is clearly made for travel. I love the cushioned pouch for my laptop, all of the pockets and the separate compartment for shoes or dirty clothes. It’s a great find and at $60, I think it’s very reasonably priced.

(Top: Ambiance via Nordstrom / Skirt: American Eagle / Hat: Wallaroo via Amazon / Bracelet: Francesca’s — love that it looks like so many bracelets in one! / Slides: Francesca’s)

I’ve been blogging for a looong time and reading blogs for even longer. Andie Mitchell’s blog is one of the first blogs I began reading and she is a serious inspiration for me. She’s vulnerable and real and her writing is incredible. Meeting Andie in person in NYC was so wonderful because we’ve been internet friends for years. She’s just as down-to-earth, kind and gorgeous in person as she seems on her blog and connecting with other women who do something similar to what I do is so important to me. Andie is the real deal and you need to check out her blog if you haven’t already! Her recipes will make you drool, her baby boy will make your heart soar and her writing will deeply move you.

  • Central Park Stroll

(Sneakers: Adidas Swift Run — currently on sale for $50 — definitely size 1/2 to a full size down because they run BIG)

I was so, so psyched for a lazy morning where I hoped I’d sleep in until 8 a.m. during my one night away from home. I pulled the blackout blinds in my hotel room shut tight before bed with hopes of sleeping way past sunrise but wouldn’t you know I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and could not get back to sleep for the life of me. After rolling around in bed for 30 minutes, I threw in the towel, changed into a comfy t-shirt and leggings and walked to Central Park. I must admit a stroll through Central Park in the morning felt like quite a luxurious way to begin the day and ended up being a pretty sweet alternative to my plans to catch up on some much-needed sleep. I listened to the Dave Matthews Band Pandora station and enjoyed people watching (and dog watching) and even managed to meet up with Katy, another long-time blogging buddy of mine during my walk! I love how vibrant and energetic the city is in the morning and enjoyed being surrounded by so much activity in the early morning hours.

Things like this oddly amuse me and when I saw someone share a link to this “Today Name Generator” from Time magazine, I had to participate. The generator gives you a name based on your name’s popularity all the way back to 1890. Apparently my “today name” would be Nova but my favorite name was my 1920s name which was Clara. So pretty! Oh and I loved that my 1890s name was Mae which is the grandma name the boys use for my mom!

  • Around the Web

Food: Cool Ranch Kale Salad / Healthy Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins / Family Meal Ideas Everyone Loves

Fitness: Upper Body Core + Resistance Band Workout / Run + Tone Stroller Workout

Weekend Sales: 20% off sale styles from Zappos with code BDAY20 / The Nordstrom Sale is still going on! You may see my picks (what I bought + what I already own and love) here! I also ended up ordering this $26 sweater when it was restocked and these jeans from the sale but I have NO idea how they’ll look on my body type so I’ll report back if they’re a win. Oh and the Leith dress from Nordstrom everyone loves is now 20% off!!

  • Friday Flashbacks

Banana Blueberry Protein Pancakes (Perfect to whip up on a lazy Sunday morning)

Blueberry Banana Protein Pancakes

60-40-20 Kettlebell Workout (A decreasing reps + total body workout!)

Question of the Day

What is your “Today Name?”

What is one thing you’re loving this week?

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