This Week’s Meal Plan: 5 Meatless Meals

I typically love to do all of my meal planning and grocery shopping on the weekend but since our weekend was rather busy, everything fell to the wayside. Yesterday morning, I realized we didn’t have much in the fridge, freezer or pantry to feed our family for the week ahead. Since food and meal planning were top-of-mind for me yesterday, I figured I’d turn my meal plan for the week into a blog post since I’m pretty excited about what we have on the agenda for dinner over the course of the next few days.

Weeknight Meatless Meal Plan - Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan for the Week

This week’s dinner menu is plant-based and meat-free not because we’re vegetarian but because we’ve really been enjoying eating a more plant-based diet ever since my pregnancy aversions had me gagging at the sight, smell or thought of meat for nearly two months. We still eat and enjoy meat and seafood, but I’ve loved playing around in the kitchen and continue to find myself seeking out more plant-based recipes. Hopefully a few of the recipes we’re making in the Fagan household this week will appeal to you, too!

Meatless Meal Plan

Vegetarian Meal Plan for Busy Weeknights

Since Monday has come and gone already, this is the one meal we’ve already made this week and if it sets the tone for how the rest of this week’s meals are going to go, we are in for a treat! Kristin’s blog, Iowa Girl Eats, has been a long-time favorite of mine mainly because she GETS flavor. All of the recipes on her site are gluten-free and most are quite healthy but beyond that, Kristin makes the kind of recipes I think most people would love and enjoy. She doesn’t shy away from full-fat products (SAME girl, same) but still manages to incorporate a hearty number of vegetables into many of her recipes. Bonus: The way she blogs about her husband’s food preferences reminds me a lot of Ryan and most of her recipes are big-time hits with him, too! It SNOWED in Charlotte yesterday (in MARCH… c’mon) so this warm and creamy soup was the perfect cold-weather meal that warmed us right up last night!

Easy Meatless Meal Plan for Busy Weeknights

I saw my friend Brittany share a picture of lentil-based Sloppy Joes on Instagram Stories over the weekend and it inspired me to add this recipe to our meal plan this week. (Brittany is also doing a MeatLESS March challenge, so check it out if you’re interested in more plant-based recipe inspiration!) I’m curious to see how these sandwiches will turn out, but with 76 very positive reviews, I have high hopes! I bought whole wheat buns and pickles to use with the vegan Sloppy Joes and plan to serve them with a simple broccoli slaw side salad.

Simple Vegetarian Meal Plan

You’re not at all shocked to see another Pinch of Yum recipe pop up on our weekly meal plan, I know, but when you find a blog that churns out hit after hit of amazing recipes, it’s hard not to return time and time again for dinner inspiration! This salad looks amazing on their site though I’m under no delusions that my version will look half as pretty. I sometimes shy away from salads at dinner time but this salad looks hearty enough to taste satisfying at the end of the day thanks to avocado and roasted chickpeas. I can also already tell from the ingredient list that this salad will likely only serve me and Ryan (not four people, as the recipe indicates), but I’m excited to give it a try.

Weeknight Vegetarian Meal Plan

The more recipes I’ve made from Alexis’ blog, the more I realize she is the queen of fantastic sauces. The sauce on this Buddah bowl calls for peanut butter (heck yes), maple syrup, soy sauce and ginger and all of those flavors sound like heaven to me so I think this one will be a winner.

Meatless Meal Plan

I planned this recipe for Friday because it seems like one I maaay be tempted to make for lunch earlier in the week. (My fallback plan: Swapping pizza in for Friday night’s dinner which always sounds fabulous to me.) This salad looks like a great combination of salty and sweet flavors and crisp, crunchy and creamy textures. Heaven in a bowl! I’m planning to use my giant salad chopper when I make this one to get as much flavor in every bite as possible since everything in this salad from the butternut squash to the pears and goat cheese sounds fabulous to me.

Additional Meal Planning Posts

Question of the Day

Did you create a meal plan for this week? What recipe are you most excited to make?

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