Fertility Monitors to Space or Avoid Pregnancy

Fertility monitors to space or avoid pregnancy

As many of you know, I’ve had six children in nine years. I’m certainly open to having more children in the future, but I feel like my body would benefit from a break from pregnancy/nursing, especially as I am working to overcome my autoimmune disease and heal my thyroid. Why Not Hormones? I’ve written before…

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Joe Rogan Keto OS – What Does He Think?

Joe Rogan and His Thoughts on Pruvit Keto OSContentsJoe Rogan and His Thoughts on Pruvit Keto OSJoe Rogan on Pruvit Keto//OSA Quick Look at the Ketosis DietWhat is Pruvit Keto//OS?A Short HistoryWant To Learn More? Have you ever looked at a bodybuilder or a model and wished to have their bodies? Are you trying to […]

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Things I’m Loving Friday #228

Hey friends! How are you doing!? Ryan arrived back home last night after five days in Las Vegas for work and we sure did miss him while he was away! We FaceTimed a lot and Chase talked about Dad’s big trip on an airplane every day. He also seemed very concerned about Ryan’s missing car in our garage so we were clearly ready to have him – and his car – home again last night!

I’m looking forward to some quality family time this weekend as well as some fun with friends. We’re having some of our closest friends and their little ones over for dinner tonight to celebrate my friend Carrie’s birthday family-style! Other than the birthday celebration, we don’t have anything concrete on our agenda but the weather looks a little dreary so it will probably involve a lot of indoor activity and, hopefully, some relaxation, too!

Now let’s dive right into your usual Things I’m Loving Friday blog post, shall we? Below you will find a short roundup of some of the things that are making me smile this week. As always, I’d love to read a little bit about something that recently made you happy in the comments section of this post!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday

Bee's Wrap with Fruit

I’m not sure if other toddler parents out there can relate, but Chase loves certain fruits like apples and oranges but he rarely eats a whole apple or a whole orange in one sitting. Same thing with cucumbers, carrots, etc. I constantly have half-eaten fruit and leftover veggie slices on hand and kept finding myself reaching or plastic wrap or a baggie to preserve the other half of his un-eaten fruit or vegetables. I had no idea there was a more sustainable option for plastic wrap out there that I completely overlooked! Have you guys heard of Bee’s Wrap? It’s a reusable beeswax wrap that you can use to wrap up everything from cheese and bread to half-eaten fruits and veggies. You simply have to warm the wrap with your hands and then use it to cover a bowl, wrap up produce, keep cut veggies fresh, etc. It’s resuable and you simply wash the wrap in cool water and let it dry when you’re done. I LOVE this thing!!

The team behind EarthHero, an online marketplace for sustainable products, reached out to me about Bee’s Wrap and sent it to me to try which prompted me to browse their site as well. (Disclaimer: I was gifted my Bee’s Wrap from EarthHero. I was not compensated for this shout out, however if you use my affiliate link to shop the site, you’ll receive 20% off and I will receive credit to also use to shop on the site! You can create an affiliate link to do the same if you wish!) EarthHero is definitely worth mentioning on the blog today because the site is dedicated to making sustainable products more readily available. Every brand listed on EarthHero’s site has been verified for sustainability (focusing on materials, manufacturing and processes) and I already ordered some reusable produce bags to bring with me to the grocery store and some small stainless steel containers to use for Chase’s snacks that will easily fit into my small backpack. Such a great find!

blonde ponytail workout

I’ve been a long-time follower of Jess’ blog, Blonde Ponytail, so I’m not sure HOW I totally missed her Instagram account until a couple of weeks ago. It’s such a great resource for fitness inspiration and in true Jess form, she posts challenging workouts that always kick my butt! While I’m scaling many of them back and using her workouts more for inspiration in creating some of my own workouts to go through at the gym, I wanted to point you guys to her Instagram page just in case you’re constantly looking for workouts you can do at home that are quick and effective. Most of her workouts don’t require anything more than a set of dumbbells and can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Eating Healthy

I shared this article on Facebook and Instagram this week so you may have already seen it if you follow me there but it’s worth sharing on the blog as well. This article is a breath of fresh air! It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by what we should or shouldn’t eat and get swept up in the latest food fads. This article reaffirms what I think many of us already know but easily forget when some new diet trend surfaces. It addresses everything from eating Paleo, following a Keto diet, intermittent fasting, consuming beans, dairy and meat to going gluten-free, sugar concerns, the importance of organics and more. The bottom line: Eat real food… and lots of plants.

Amika Hair Mask Nourishing

I received this hair mask through my Birchbox subscription ages ago! It fell into the abyss of small travel-size products I keep in a basket in my bathroom and when I was combing through it a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Amika’s Nourishing Hair Mask again. After only two uses, I became an instant fan of this hair mask because it seemed to deeply condition and nourish the dry ends of my hair without leaving the roots greasy. Bonus: A little bit goes a long way so even my travel-size bottle has served me well for nearly a month and a half! (I’ve been using it about once a week.)

  • Amelie’s French Bakery Surprise At Home Picnic Delivery

Amelie's French Bakery Charlotte NC

Earlier this week, I received a surprise delivery from Amelie’s French Bakery! I previously gave our address to a local Charlotte PR firm without really knowing what they had planned beyond possible collaborations with some local hot spots, so it was such a treat to receive this delivery. Amelie’s is a local bakery and café with locations in the Charlotte area as well as Atlanta, Georgia and they just unveiled their spring menu. (Whenever we visit Amelie’s, I always order their salted caramel brownie and HIGHLY recommend it if you ever find yourself in the area!) The “picnic for two” delivery I received included a couple of their new café sandwiches, two macarons (oh my gosh, the cotton candy one was fantastic!) and some wine which I’ll be saving to enjoy later this summer! The Ham + Honey Dijon sandwich was my favorite thanks to the sweet and savory caramelized onions, crisp apple slices and slightly sweet honey dijon mustard. Get in my belly! Thank you for this fun surprise and mid-week pick-me-up, Amelie’s!

  • Collagen Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Gabby,  the winner of the Great Lakes Collagen giveaway! Gabby was emailed first thing this morning. Thanks so much to all who entered!

  • Friday Flashbacks

Cold Quinoa Salad (A great one to make this spring and a crowd-pleaser to keep in mind for Easter weekend!)

Cold Quinoa Salad

10 to 100 Driveway Workout (A quick workout you can do anywhere! No equipment needed!)

Driveway 10 to 100 Workout

Question of the Day

What is one thing making you smile this week?

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147: Using Heart Rate Variability with HeartMath to Stop Stress and Improve Nervous System Health

Using Heart Rate Variability with HeartMath to Stop Stress and Improve Nervous System Health

We’ve all heard the saying “follow your heart” … well it turns out there’s actual science behind that concept! Dr. Deborah Rozman is a Behavioral Psychologist and President of HeartMath, an amazing company that provides scientifically validated tools and training to help adults and children learn self-regulation skills to manage stress and enhance emotional well-being. It’s super…

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Glucose Tolerance Test and Wednesday in a Nutshell

Good morning, friends! My Wednesday morning started out on a rather cheesy note. I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday morning at my OB/GYN’s office and my midwife specifically advised me to stick with eggs and cheese before the blood test.

cheesy eggs

I was surprised by just how much I missed my morning carbs! I have a hard time feeling totally satisfied in the morning without some kind of carbohydrates with my morning meal, whether it be oats, fruit, toast or even veggies in an egg scramble.

Fueled by my cheesy eggs, I read stories with Chase once he was up for the day and we got ourselves dressed before it was time for me to drop him off at preschool.


Our morning was a rather smooth one compared to Monday’s tearful meltdowns spurred on by getting Chase dressed but a blog reader passed this along to me via Instagram and I had to share it here since it made me laugh out loud:

before becoming a parent

Too true!

Once Chase sprinted into Miss Debbie’s arms, she whisked him into his classroom and I headed off to the gym for a workout. The Burn Boot Camp workout of the day was an arms and core workout so I modified it to make it primarily focus on my upper body.

Here’s what my version of the workout looked like:

upper body workout at burn boot camp

And my version of the workout finisher included two rounds of 45 seconds of mountain climbers and triceps push ups.

Once my workout was done, I said goodbye to my girlfriends and rushed off to my OB/GYN’s office for the glucose tolerance test. I was instructed to drink 10 ounces of a glucose liquid that tasted like an overly-sugary orange Gatorade and then I met with my doctor while I waited for the blood work portion of the screening. When I was pregnant with Chase all I heard about was how awful the liquid you have to drink for the glucose test tastes but I don’t find it too bad! When I mentioned this to the nurse who administered the test to me, she said they’ve actually been hearing that quite a bit since the formula changed a while back, so maybe I’m not the only crazy one out there!?

glucose screening pregnancy

Since I had a solid hour to kill after drinking the glucose drink and my time with my doctor didn’t take long, I fired up my laptop and worked for a bit in the waiting room before my blood draw.

The blood work went well and my results should be in within a week. (This test checks for gestational diabetes.) As I had my blood drawn, I began chatting with the nurse (I NEED to talk and be distracted during blood work or I get lightheaded) and we spoke about my pregnancy and she asked if we knew the sex of our baby. I explained our desire to be surprised and mentioned our miscarriages which caused her to then share some of her personal pregnancy and fertility struggles with me. I share this here only because sometimes I feel my heart telling me to say something a little more than “Thanks!” when someone congratulates me when they notice my belly. Lately I’ve found myself often saying something along the lines of, “Thank you so much. It wasn’t an easy road but we are very grateful,” which feels more true to how I feel than a perky, “WOOHOO! THANK YOU!”

This statement has opened the doors to some unexpected conversations with women who have either also struggled or are currently struggling with loss or infertility. (I also think this statement is vague enough to keep the door closed if it makes someone uncomfortable while still expressing sincere gratitude for congratulations.) I will never, ever forget two conversations I had with women after our losses when I longed for a baby and both were with relative strangers (a nurse who was pregnant with twins at my dermatologist’s office and a mother of a toddler at Gymboree). Both of these women volunteered information about their struggles without me saying anything about where I was in life beyond our desire for another child and their experiences helped continue to shift my perspective about pregnancy and fertility.

I guess I feel the need to share this here today because now that I am noticeably pregnant and often running after a toddler, I feel like from the outside it may look like everything was simple. (I also recognize that our journey is simple compared to many, but it also didn’t come without heartache and grief.) Despite everything I now know, all the stories I’ve been told and all of the struggles I’ve heard about from women in my personal life and all of you, it’s STILL easy for me to look at a pregnant woman or a woman with a child from the outside and assume everything was perfect and that her journey to having a child was a breeze. This just isn’t the case for so, so many people and I guess I feel the need to mention this here today because today’s blog post touches on pregnancy and I think it will forever feel like something I want to talk about with sensitivity and a very open heart.

Anyway, back to our Wednesday…

I left my doctor’s office with just enough time to grab a shower at home and down two chocolate superfood energy bites before I had to be back at Chase’s school for preschool pickup. With my little buddy back in my arms, we made it home and I did my best to settle Chase down for his nap before I sat down to work again and dig into lunch thanks to a special delivery from Amelie’s French Bakery. (More on this delivery tomorrow!)

Amelie's French Bakery Sandwich

cotton candy macaron

(And yes, I microwaved the ham in the sandwich before eating it to be pregnancy safe!)

Chase wasn’t having nap time but seemed content to sing and play in his crib. (By the way, you guys totally convinced me to keep him in his crib as long as possible. Afternoons like yesterday only confirm this decision!) I did my best to get a little bit of work done through choruses of various toddler songs that came from Chase’s monitor but eventually got him up and out the door for an afternoon play date with my friends Carrie and Laura and their little ones at Gymboree’s open gym.

Chase and Lilly

I needed the play date as much as Chase and left feeling grateful for my friends for the 10,000th time. They keep me sane on this motherhood journey and I just LOVE the way Chase lights up whenever he sees his best buddies!

By the time we made it home I had zero desire to put much effort into dinner, so Chase and I shared a box of white cheddar macaroni and cheese, apple slices and cucumber slices.

simply nature mac and cheese

I’m not going to lie, it was perfect. Mac and cheese from the box can’t be beat some nights!

Chase settled into bed on the early side of the evening – lack of a solid nap will do that to ya – and so I spent an hour or so working on the computer once he was down before eating a Chilly Cow chocolate ice cream bar and heading upstairs to read in bed. I finally finished The Keeper Of Lost Things (I’d give it a solid “meh” and think it was a little too slow to recommend) and began reading Little Fires Everywhere. I’ll report back on that one soon!

Hope you guys have a great Thursday and I’ll see ya tomorrow for the usual Things I’m Loving Friday shenanigans!

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DIY Outdoor Burlap Wreath (For Any Season)

how to make a burlap wreath

A decor diva I am not, but decorating for seasons and holidays with kids is definitely a lot of fun. When I found myself admiring the cute front door wreaths and decorations in the neighborhood, I got an idea … why not try to make my own homemade burlap wreath? Here’s how it went… Make…

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How to Make Natural Slime (No Borax or Glue)

Homemade and Natural Slime Recipe

I’ve tried my best to resist the slime craze in our house … but the day has finally come. (Cue sinister music.) Seriously, messy projects don’t bother me (we homeschool … need I say more) but what does bother me are the ingredients kids all over the globe are using to make slime. I’d rather my…

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